Art Ot Loud

Sunday 25th September 2016

Brushing up memories and conclusions: the life of a landscape painter.

Jonathan Warrender talks about how, for over 30 years, he has wintered in his studio but spent his summers in the company of birds.  He shares with us the discipline and dedication involved in learning how to look, and the complexities of finding one’s ‘voice’ as an artist. Hear about his revival of the Dutch School ‘Bird’s Eye View’, the adventures of travelling with his paints, and the stresses and strains of fulfilling commissions to make a living through art.

Jonathan elaborates on the pleasures and challenges of working in a ‘Capability’ Brown landscape whilst recording views of the Chatsworth Estate.


Bordeaux Wine Estate Prints available to Order

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Fruits of Labour

"In April 2011, I set off for France in order to start work on a Collection of Pen and Inkwash drawings of the great Chateaux of Bordeaux. Fiona Thienpont MW and Mark Walford of Richards Walford & Co Ltd. advised me on which Estates should be recorded and introduced me to their owners.

In 30 years of painting and drawing I cannot remember enjoying a project more than this."

Jonathan Warrender

Chateau Grand Puy Lacoste

Bordeaux Vineyards

In this delightful series his mastery of perspective makes dynamic use of roads, paths and. above all. the corridors between the vines, as lines of force, centering on the focal point, in most cases, of Chateaux as charmingly individual architecturally as the noble wines produced in their name. - John McEwen - view prints...

South East Europe

With his ink and wash drawings, Jonathan Warrender has a reputation as one of the leading painters of the landscape, reinvigorating an art with a history in Europe dating back to the 16th century. This collection of prints is from his tour of Eastern Europe in the footsteps of Edward Lear. view prints...

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