Châteaux Placemats

Fine Dining Placemats: Bordeaux Châteaux

Available in packs of any four placemats with your chosen designs.
Price: 4 mats: £75; 8 mats: £130; 12 mats: £185; 16 mats: £230 (UK postage included)

Chateau Grand Puy Lacoste

Bordeaux Vineyards

In this delightful series his mastery of perspective makes dynamic use of roads, paths and. above all. the corridors between the vines, as lines of force, centering on the focal point, in most cases, of Chateaux as charmingly individual architecturally as the noble wines produced in their name. - John McEwen - view prints...

South East Europe

With his ink and wash drawings, Jonathan Warrender has a reputation as one of the leading painters of the landscape, reinvigorating an art with a history in Europe dating back to the 16th century. This collection of prints is from his tour of Eastern Europe in the footsteps of Edward Lear. view prints...

Individual Prints Collection

Signed by the artist

Individual Prints Collection
a selection of drawings and an allegorical still life. view prints...
South East Europe Prints
a trip in the footsteps of Edward Lear, through Albania, Romania, Greece and Sicily view prints...
Chatsworth Estate Prints
a selection of drawings from around the estate. view prints...